The Hut FAQs

Q. Who do I contact if I want to use The Hut?

A. If you are interested in using The Hut, simply fill out the booking request form here or email

Q. Is The hut free?

A. Yes! The Hut is free for the local community to escape, unwind and discover.

Q. What times doe The Hut open and close?

A. The space open’s every day in line with the centre’s opening hours.

Q. Do you have access to electricity?

A. Yes, there are various points in the space. If you require anything else do let us know.

Q. What is in The Hut?

A. Come and see for yourself! We can also provide additional tables and chairs if required for your booking.

Q. What do I need to do before my booking?

A. You will need to provide all relevant health and safety documentation including, method statement, risk assessment and proof of your PLI.