Free Earrings with Piercing at Claires

C.CLUB customers who purchase a piercing starter kit after 15 May, 2024 qualify. Valid for one pair of earrings each month for a total of twelve months, valued at up to £10 retail. Products with a retail value greater than £10 will be discounted by £10. Limit 1 coupon redemption per transaction. Customers who purchase more than one piercing starter kit after 15 May, 2024 may qualify to receive up to two pairs of free earrings each month during the offer qualification period for each piercing starter kit transaction. Qualifying customers will receive a monthly email containing a coupon for redemption in-store. Coupons will be issued on the first of every month, beginning the month after the piercing was purchased. Customers who purchase a piercing on or after the 25th of the month may receive their first coupon on the first of the second month following their purchase. Free earring redemptions are not eligible for returns or exchanges. For additional details, visit