Whats Screening: May

What’s Screening May

It May or May not be a great month to go to the cinema! Why not pay us a visit and see for yourself!


A tennis coach helps her husband transform from a mediocre player to a champion. To end a recent losing streak, they enter at the lowest level of a tournament and find themselves facing off against a once-promising and now burnt-out former friend who used to date the wife.

Boy kills world

Boy is left orphaned, deaf, and voiceless when his family is brutally murdered in front of him. Driven by his inner voice, taken from his favourite childhood video game, Boy escapes to the jungle where he encounters a mysterious shaman who trains him to become an instrument of death. Seeking revenge Boy embarks on a mission against the corrupt post-apocalyptic dynasty headed by the deranged matriarch Hilda Van Der Koy, unleashing carnage, delirious violence and martial arts mayhem on his road to retribution.

Fall Guy

He’s a stuntman, and like everyone in the stunt community, he gets blown up, shot, crashed, thrown through windows and dropped from the highest of heights, all for our entertainment. And now, fresh off an almost career-ending accident, this working-class hero has to track down a missing movie star, solve a conspiracy and try to win back the love of his life while still doing his day job. What could possibly go right?

Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (25th)

Celebrate the 25th Anniversary re-release of the film that began the entire Star Wars saga Two Jedi escape a hostile blockade to find allies and come across a young boy who may bring balance to the Force, but the long dormant Sith resurface to claim their old glory.

Danny Boyle season: Sunshine

A team of international astronauts are sent on a dangerous mission to reignite the dying Sun with a nuclear fission bomb in 2057.

Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes

Director Wes Ball breathes new life into the global, epic franchise set several generations in the future following Caesar’s reign, in which apes are the dominant species living harmoniously and humans have been reduced to living in the shadows.
Danny Boyle Season : Shallow Grave (1994)
Three friends discover their new flatmate dead but loaded with cash.
42nd Street: The Musical
Telling the story of Peggy Sawyer, a talented young performer with stars in her eyes who gets her big break on Broadway, this is the largest ever staging of the Tony Award-winning musical and it was filmed live at the magnificent Theatre Royal in the heart of London’s West End. Starring national treasure Bonnie Langford as Dorothy Brock and featuring iconic songs 42nd Street, We’re In The Money and Lullaby of Broadway, this is pure magic on the big screen.

Danny Boyle Season : 28 Days Later… (2002)

Four weeks after a mysterious, incurable virus spreads throughout the UK, a handful of survivors try to find sanctuary.
Danny Boyle Season : Trainspotting (1996)
Danny Boyle’s explosive film tracks the misadventures of young men in Edinburgh trying to find their way out of joblessness, aimless relationships and drug addiction. Some are successful, while others hopelessly are not. Based on Irvine Walsh’s novel, Trainspotting melds grit with poetry, resulting in a film of harsh truths and stunning grace.
The garfield Movie:
Garfield, the world-famous, Monday-hating, lasagna-loving indoor cat, is about to have a wild outdoor adventure! After an unexpected reunion with his long-lost father – scruffy street cat Vic – Garfield and his canine friend Odie are forced from their perfectly pampered life into joining Vic in a hilarious, high-stakes heist.


A young girl who goes through a difficult experience begins to see everyone’s imaginary friends who have been left behind as their real-life friends have grown up.

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