Free Piercing at Lovisa

Let the Piercing Specialists at Lovisa bring all of your piercing ideas to life!

Lovisa offers ear and nose piercing in selected stores across the world. There is no need to book, you can just walk in. Piercers will take the time to understand what you are looking for and educate you with the right aftercare procedures, which is why they have become a top piercing destination.

At Lovisa piercing is free with the purchase of any studex® piercing studs.

Ear piercings are offered to both adults and children, and nose piercing to anyone over 16 years old. The Lovisa Piercing Station is a clean and sterile environment, with a strict sanitisation procedure that is performed every day as well as before & after every piercing is performed.

You can even pick up a free gift pack when you get your piercing in-store, which including aftercare solution, a care card and more!

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